Free Consultation

Do you have problems in your life but is not ready to go to a counsellor? You can email me anonymously at, and I will spend a few hours every week to post your email and my reply in this page. 

Most effective way to enquire about your issue:
1) State the issue that you will like help in (or the issue that is bothering you most)
2) Write down all the factors that you feel might be related to this issue
3) Write down what you specifically want from me: opinion, possible solutions, direction, referral

This will help me make a spot-on observation, and allow me to give you useful suggestions pertaining to your situation. Otherwise, I may need to email you about details before finally giving the suggestions you need, which may take a while.

Please note that I will publish parts of your email on this page to enable people with similar issues to learn to cope with them. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, you need to let me know in the email what content I can disclose. I will not freely disclose identifying information, unless it is important to the strategies I recommend. Even then, I will likely keep the descriptions as general as I can. Ultimately, you are the gatekeeper and can email me as little personal data as you want, as long as it does not interfere with the suggestions I can give you.

Hope I can be of help, and hear from you soon!

Hwee Boon Counselling Services
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Life comes from physical survival; but the good life comes from what we care about.

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