EAP, Workshops and Talks

I have taken on work as a free lance EAP counsellor since 2017, and is available for discussion about short term or long term counselling work at your organisation. I also deliver workshops and talks to parents, teachers, and organisations on topics like parenting, working with children, mental wellness, stress management, conflict management, and workplace health. I am trained in crisis management and have been involved in executing crisis plans, as well as provide staff training on handling emergencies and crises in the workplace.

Counselling Services

I provide counselling and psychotherapy for clients in my office at North Bridge Centre. Although my expertise lies in therapy with children and adolescents, I see adult clients and couples as well. So feel free to contact me at my email or phone if you want to enquire about my services. I essentially practise using Gestalt Therapy, but I am also competent in conducting CBT and Play Therapy.

My current rates are on a sliding scale, between $120 - $150 per hour of counselling conducted. A first hour long session costs $80, for you to try out if counselling is for you, and whether we are able to work together. You can also enquire about lower rates if you are unable to afford counselling at this point of time.
Hwee Boon Counselling Services
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Human freedom involves our capacity to pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight.

- Rollo May

Supervision Services

With my Diploma in Clinical Supervision, I currently supervise intern counsellors at my office in North Bridge Centre. Please feel free to contact me at my email or phone if you want to enquire about my services either as an individual or a group.
Life Review Consultation

Are you unmotivated and feel that life is not going anywhere? Come down for a 1.5 hour session to identify trouble spots, and where you might want to head towards in life. Please email consult@hweebs.com.sg for more information about rates.